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Tomorrow will come
Led by the sun
It wil light the way, for
This path we've made
No matter if we're ready or not

Is ther something more
To all these things we're
Searching for

Cuz I'm holding out
For something bigger
Than myself
Are there still things in this world worth dying for
cuz I would kill for just one good damn reason

Don't look away now
I want you to see this
It might come crashing down
And I need a witness
So they believe it
When it rips me from these clouds

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They were duelin
High or low
It was the same
Easy Money and faithless women
Redeye whiskey for the pain

Go down Bill Dalton it must
Be God's will
Two brothers lying dead in Coffeyville

Two voices call to from where they stood
Lay down your lawbooks now they're
No damn good

You better keep on moving
Until you're shadow sets you free
If you're fast
And if you're lucky
You will never see the hanging tree

The towns lay out across the plains
Like graveyards filled with tombstones
Waiting for their names
Dealing death some men found their fame
Some just went stir crazy Lord
Cuz nothing ever changed

Until Bill Doolin
Met Bill Dalton
He was working cheap
Just biding time
Then he smiled and said I'm going
As he left his peaceful life behind

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My hands may break from carrying you
But that won't stop me from trying
No, I'll keep on moving
Even with a blister on my soul
I'll never stop when it comes to you
The day will come
When the rain will wash away
Any pain we still hold onto

Heaven sent you just a little too soon
Too soon to change me
It was was long before you even knew
That you were part of me

Finally we found something
Worth holding onto
Maybe this time we can keep it from crumbling
You've carried me on angel's wings
and broken as they may be
You've become my everything

This world may try to tear me from you
The only way it would happen
Is dying
No, I'll keep believing
Even in a fight I cannot win
I'd go down burning for you
The waves will come
and the wind will blow away
Any struggles we have my love

Heaven kept you just a little too long
So long it starved me
After all the damage we've been through
Still you are guarding me

Finally we found something.....

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The Pieces of me
Are all gathering at my feet
And I can't help but feel I should know some fear
But the reasons are far from clear
So please forgive me

I never got my head around it
And I didn't know the difference
I couldn't quite put it together
Without Some sort of reference
Now it's too late
It's way to late

But Now I know

Everything is burry
I can't move my feet
I'm in a dream left behind
With rain replacing clear skies
And it washes my eyes
But it can't clean the mess left inside
But Now Ik know....

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Then it got cold down here from
All of these evil stares
Where were you?
Why couldn't you

Save me
This love of mine
He never
Woke Up
This father of mine
I had to run

Down on you
All my love for you
I wanted you to

Save me.......

The view from up here was always nice
I could see you all down there
Living youre lives, colorful and warm

But it got cold up here long
Before I showed you winter
Because he never

Woke up
This father of mine
I stayed here

You brought me down and showed me a new world
Then you tried like hell to
Make me one of you it....
Was something I could never be

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Last Ones

Revel the calm
The end was here and gone
The streets are all empty and the
Buildings hollow from
Bleak destruction leaving scars where what once was us
But the world is still here
So we must get back up

This is no time to lose control
It seems somehow you've lost it all
There is no blood on your hands
So why can't we just let it go

Revel the calm
Try to take it in
Maybe some patience will help us
Get through all of this
Just take your time
I know it's looking grim
But you're not alone anymore, No
I'm right here

This is no time to lose control
It seems somehow you've lost it all
There is no blood on your hands
So why can't we just let it go

I can feel your rage
Coming over me
Like a wave
Cold and hostile
My damage has been repaired
My destruction
Rebuilt and replaced
Becoming something new

This is no time to lose control
It seems somehow you've lost it all
There is no blood on your hands
So why can't we just let it go

1.0 0.9 1.5


I'm falling Like a feather
Dissolving like tears in water
All I wanted was you
It takes more
Than I've ever had
To keep my chin up
The way that they said
Maybe I should play dead

These walls
Are getting higher

I can't let it in any more
The constantly swaying
Back and forth
Don't let this be all for nothing
That would mean the end of me

This should mean more
I did this all for you
Why aren;t you here like you said you would be
You said you would, you said you would
And tell me were any of these promises any good
Any good

Why won't you say something
Anything at all
Help me understand
Why you leave me in the dark
But you
Yeah you
Keep forgetting about what I need
You keep forgetting about me

No this should mean more
I did this all for you
Whay aren;t you here like you said you would be
You said you would, you said you would
And tell me were any of these promises any good
Any good

0.9 0.2

Little Nixon

Little nixon used to think about the things he never should
Hurricanes and tidal waves
The end of the world
He was sure he had a way to save us all
But he didn't have the words
All he could do was draw

Page after page
To try and explain
But no one would listen, no
They would just say

You're too small to save the world
Why don't you play with all the boys and girls
Those things might come someday, but
For now run and play

Little Nixon wasn't so little anymore
He learned to keep quiet or he'd be locked up for sure
What a way to say thank you
For trying to save us

Day after day
He had to refrain
Cuz no one would listen, no
No this is the end

There's no need to save the world
Humanity gone would cure the earth
Shaking us off like a disease
I wish I could leave

When the angels are all gone
And your souls are being erased
You will be judged the way that you did me
It can't come soon enough

To take away all this pain
Just wait and see
You will all see
That your cruelty

It bought you passage
To your own end oh God you did this to yourselves
There's no way to save the world
You've all been so damn absurd
Just one minute of your time to take me serious

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Look Hard

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you're relentless

The Effort

I could lay down and die, but it wouldn't be enough
for you
My words are lazy on the wind
Words have gone unheard
by you
Perhaps if I just sit and think, I could come up with something more to do
Maybe we could just forget all the stupid shit we've been through

Or is it all a waste of time
Cuz breathing you in is making me die

You're relentless
on the way that you rip me up
Into pieces
You don't even know what you've done
Maybe you just
Don't care

0.8 0.8 0.99 2.0


Close your eyes
Close them tight
Dreams are all you'll have tonight
Call out a name
One you know well
Scream it out loud and then say farewell
The sun has set it's last time
You'd better turn 'round
And say goodbye
Now take my hand
Come with me
We've got so much more left to see
Now don't you cry
Because you've died

0.5 0.8 1.7



picard is:
Jason Ulwelling – Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Eric Giardina – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keys
Rick St.Germaine – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anna Ringstad - Keys, Synths, Backing Vocals
Brad Hanson - Drums, Percussion

Produced by: John L. Richardson
Engineered by: Steven Norwick & Eric Marsh
Mixed and Mastered By: Adam Schmitt
Recorded at Drum Farm Studio



All of our families for the continued support. Our crew: Dbudd, Crag, Chris and Danno. The Stelter family. The Kurtz family, S&S Exteriors, Integrity Roofing, Rock and Tait Exteriors and all of our jobs that put up with us while we made this album.

All songs written by picarde
Written and recorded August 2012 – July 2013, London, UK
℗ 2013 Barstow Records / picard
© 2013 picard
This work is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ – Made in the U.S.A.

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